Moka Editions is a publisher of children's books who likes a lot the photo ... The adventure began in Reunion Island, the intense island! It continues now in the sweetness of the country of La Rochelle. Photography is at the heart of the book in our pictures, it also perfectly illustrates the stories of our albums and it enriches literary experiences with the book Jumble Oukikoi. Moka is assisted by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region in 2017.

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Foreign rights catalogue of MOKA éditions
Our character ? Photography !

At Moka, we like to discover the world differently, we also like to laugh and laugh at a very young age !

Moka éditions sells rights throughout the world. If you are interested in publishing one of our books/series or wish to receive further information you can contact : RIGHTS@MOKA.RE


You can upload the foreign rights catalogue in PDF :